Hi, this is a crowdfunding project to help me & my projects live & let live. Whatever you spend, helps me to run my projects further. Thank you. Feel free to write me. Rostak.

Please help to crowdfund the EcoYoga Forest Centres


Urgent: Please be the 1% of these who can help - with even small donation of € 10 or more, by buying something from this website.

This crowdfunding webshop is funded for EcoYoga Forest Centres at Jested Ridge and in the Czech-Saxon Switzerland, so these can continue and develop.

Hi, this is Rostak. I established a project of two EcoYoga Forest Centres in the Czech republic, close to border with Germany (Saxony). Now I need your help. The houses were planned to be financed from my small business, but as it´s just over because of aggresive competitors, I urgently need to collect funds to be able to save these beautiful project, these two buildings located at amazing places. This project has been giving joy to me and to various groups and individuals taking part in seminars, yoga retreats, vegan courses, vegan holidays, yoga courses, workshops etc. All stays are supplied with environmentally friendly vegetarian (vegan) food. I live green, I like to be in the nature, I live vegan since 1995. The project of these two refuges (seminarhouses & holidays) goes hand in hand with me and my philosophy: the project of Forest retreats in Krystofovo Udoli and in the beautiful Czech-Saxon Switzerland. I just love nature, animals, nice people. I love clouds in the sky, I love forests and trees, I love flowering meadows. I love stones and hills, I love streams and rivers, waterfalls, sunsets, the silence in the nature, I love sitting, watching the countryside, relaxing, meditating. I love good plant-based food. I love my children and wife. I love life. The project of Forest Centres is nonprofit, as we do not earn any money from it, and I want to develop both places further - see pages Forest Centre Novina and Czech-Saxon Switzerland.

Unfortunately, we have to collect up to € 600.000 this and next year (minimum of € 300.000 this year) so the project can continue (the need of paying off the private investors, a copartner and part of the loans), and at best, after collecting this sum, next € 600.000 for renovation of the Jested mountain house and for reconstruction of the building in the Czech-Saxon Switzerland within next years. 

This may seem to be a lot, but ... !

... if you help with just € 10 or more, another folks do the same and we will collect the sum so the project can not only stay, but be developed!

♥ There are some 10% of green voters accross Europe, so say, 50 millions people?

♥ There are some 4-5% vegetarians accross Europe, some 20 millions people?

♥ Some 10 millions vegans around the Europe? 

If just 1% of you, folks, just 1 out of 100, will donate something against buying something from this website, it will help us to go on.

Please think about your possible help - by donating one-time, monthly or yearly donation against ordering something from this website.

If just 1% of the green / vegetarian / vegan people will donate against getting something from this website, the target would be fulfiled... 

... that´s not unrealistic, isn´t it?

Please, be part of those 1%... Thanks for donation & choosing something from this website & spreading the word.



The building of former factory (based on late medieval mill grounds), located at the silent lake by the natural reservation in the Czech-Saxon Switzerland.



The forest retreat in Krystofovo Udoli, north Bohemia, Czech republic



The view from the the place. Beautiful and calm, isn´t it?



Plant-based food being served at place.